Submitting bug reports

Please see the to check if someone already found a similar bug. You can post an issue there, and label it as a bug, if it is new. Alternatively, send a report by e-mail to

Please include the following information in all bug-reports and questions about particular PISM’s behavior:

  • the PISM version (the output of pismr -version),

  • the full command necessary to reproduce the bug,

  • the input files used by the run reproducing the bug,

  • a description of what PISM does wrong.

When sending a PISM standard output snippet or a compilation log, please attach it as a text file instead of pasting it into the message body.

It is great if you can

  • remove irrelevant command-line options from the command exhibiting the bug,

  • find a quick run that exhibits the bug,

  • reduce the size of files it requires, and

  • provide a definitive way of checking if the bug in question is fixed.

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