PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model  stable v2.0.6 committed by Constantine Khrulev on 2023-01-23 15:14:38 -0900
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IceGrid.hh File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <memory>
#include <mpi.h>

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class  pism::grid_info
 Contains parameters of an input file grid. More...
class  pism::GridParameters
 Grid parameters; used to collect defaults before an IceGrid is allocated. More...
class  pism::IceGrid
 Describes the PISM grid and the distribution of data across processors. More...
class  pism::PointsWithGhosts
class  pism::Points


 Wrappers for some PETSc objects (these wrappers simplify memory management).


enum  pism::SpacingType { pism::UNKNOWN = 0 , pism::EQUAL , pism::QUADRATIC }
enum  pism::Periodicity { pism::NOT_PERIODIC = 0 , pism::X_PERIODIC = 1 , pism::Y_PERIODIC = 2 , pism::XY_PERIODIC = 3 }
enum  pism::GridRegistration { pism::CELL_CENTER , pism::CELL_CORNER }


GridRegistration pism::string_to_registration (const std::string &keyword)
std::string pism::registration_to_string (GridRegistration registration)
Periodicity pism::string_to_periodicity (const std::string &keyword)
 Convert a string to Periodicity. More...
std::string pism::periodicity_to_string (Periodicity p)
 Convert Periodicity to a STL string. More...
SpacingType pism::string_to_spacing (const std::string &keyword)
 Convert an STL string to SpacingType. More...
std::string pism::spacing_to_string (SpacingType s)
 Convert SpacingType to an STL string. More...
double pism::radius (const IceGrid &grid, int i, int j)
 Returns the distance from the point (i,j) to the origin. More...
bool pism::in_null_strip (const IceGrid &grid, int i, int j, double strip_width)
 Check if a point (i,j) is in the strip of stripwidth meters around the edge of the computational domain. More...
bool pism::grid_edge (const IceGrid &grid, int i, int j)