PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model

◆ get_name()

const std::string & pism::IceModelVec::get_name ( ) const

Get the name of an IceModelVec object.

This is the name used to refer to this object in PISM (e.g. via the Vars class), not the name of the corresponding NetCDF variable. (The problem is that one IceModelVec instance may correspond to several NetCDF variables. Use metadata(...).get_name() to get the name of NetCDF variables an IceModelVec is saved to.)

Definition at line 386 of file iceModelVec.cc.

References m_impl, and pism::IceModelVec::Impl::name.

Referenced by pism::Vars::add(), pism::DiagAverageRate< M >::DiagAverageRate(), pism::duplicate(), pism::DiagAverageRate< M >::init_impl(), pism::IceModelVec2T::init_periodic_data(), regrid(), view(), and pism::IceModel::view_field().