PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model  stable v2.0.6 committed by Constantine Khrulev on 2023-01-23 15:14:38 -0900

◆ till_friction_angle() [1/2]

void pism::MohrCoulombYieldStress::till_friction_angle ( const IceModelVec2S basal_yield_stress,
const IceModelVec2S till_water_thickness,
const IceModelVec2S ice_thickness,
const IceModelVec2CellType cell_type,
IceModelVec2S result 

Compute the till friction angle in grounded areas using available basal yield stress, till water thickness, and overburden pressure.

This is the inverse of the formula used by update_impl().

Definition at line 405 of file MohrCoulombYieldStress.cc.

References pism::IceModelVec2CellType::ice_free(), pism::Component::m_config, pism::Component::m_grid, pism::PointsWithGhosts::next(), pism::IceModelVec2CellType::ocean(), pism::MohrCoulombPointwise::till_friction_angle(), and pism::IceModelVec::update_ghosts().