PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model  stable v2.0.6 committed by Constantine Khrulev on 2023-01-23 15:14:38 -0900

◆ compute_sinks()

static void pism::hydrology::diagnostics::compute_sinks ( const IceModelVec2Int domain_mask,
const IceModelVec2S psi,
IceModelVec2S result 

Compute the map of sinks.

This field is purely diagnostic: it can be used to diagnose failures of the code filling dips to eliminate sinks (and get a better estimate of the steady state flow direction).

Definition at line 37 of file EmptyingProblem.cc.

References pism::IceModelVec::grid(), pism::PointsWithGhosts::next(), and pism::IceModelVec2S::star().

Referenced by pism::hydrology::EmptyingProblem::update().