Release checklist

  1. Run make manual_linkcheck and fix any broken links in the manual.

  2. Run make in the doc/sphinx directory to update lists of diagnostics and configuration parameters.

  3. Run make in the doc directory to update funding sources.

  4. Create a “pre-release” branch starting from the “dev” branch and remove code that should not be a part of the release.

  5. Set Pism_BRANCH in CMakeLists.txt to “stable”.

  6. Update version, release, and copyright in doc/sphinx/

  7. Update CHANGES.rst.

  8. Tag.

    git tag -a v2.X -m "The v2.X release. See CHANGES.rst for the list of changes since v2.X-1."
  9. Push.

    git push -u origin HEAD
  10. Push tags.

    git push --tags
  11. Write a news item for

  12. Update the current PISM version on

  13. Send an e-mail to CRYOLIST.

  14. Tell more people, if desired.

  15. Create a new “release” on

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