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pism::Diagnostic Class Referenceabstract

Class representing diagnostic computations in PISM. More...

#include <Diagnostic.hh>

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Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< DiagnosticPtr

Public Member Functions

 Diagnostic (IceGrid::ConstPtr g)
virtual ~Diagnostic ()=default
void update (double dt)
void reset ()
IceModelVec::Ptr compute () const
 Compute a diagnostic quantity and return a pointer to a newly-allocated IceModelVec. More...
unsigned int n_variables () const
 Get the number of NetCDF variables corresponding to a diagnostic quantity. More...
SpatialVariableMetadatametadata (unsigned int N=0)
 Get a metadata object corresponding to variable number N. More...
void define (const File &file, IO_Type default_type) const
void init (const File &input, unsigned int time)
void define_state (const File &output) const
void write_state (const File &output) const

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename T >
static Ptr wrap (const T &input)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void define_impl (const File &file, IO_Type default_type) const
 Define NetCDF variables corresponding to a diagnostic quantity. More...
virtual void init_impl (const File &input, unsigned int time)
virtual void define_state_impl (const File &output) const
virtual void write_state_impl (const File &output) const
void set_attrs (const std::string &long_name, const std::string &standard_name, const std::string &units, const std::string &glaciological_units, unsigned int N=0)
 A method for setting common variable attributes. More...
virtual void update_impl (double dt)
virtual void reset_impl ()
virtual IceModelVec::Ptr compute_impl () const =0
double to_internal (double x) const
double to_external (double x) const

Protected Attributes

IceGrid::ConstPtr m_grid
 the grid More...
const units::System::Ptr m_sys
 the unit system More...
const Config::ConstPtr m_config
 Configuration flags and parameters. More...
std::vector< SpatialVariableMetadatam_vars
 metadata corresponding to NetCDF variables More...
double m_fill_value
 fill value (used often enough to justify storing it) More...

Detailed Description

Class representing diagnostic computations in PISM.

The main goal of this abstraction is to allow accessing metadata corresponding to a diagnostic quantity before it is computed.

Another goal is to create an interface for computing diagnostics without knowing which PISM module is responsible for the computation.

Technical note: to compute some diagnostic quantities we need access to protected members of classes. C++ forbids obtaining pointers to non-static methods of a class, but it is possible to define a (friend) function

IceModelVec::Ptr compute_bar(Foo* model, ...);
std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec > Ptr
Definition: iceModelVec.hh:206

which is the same as creating a method Foo::compute_bar(), but you can get a pointer to it.

Diagnostic creates a common interface for all these compute_bar functions.

Definition at line 59 of file Diagnostic.hh.

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