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◆ define_model_state_impl()

void pism::MohrCoulombYieldStress::define_model_state_impl ( const File output) const

Define model state variables.

All yield stress models have to write basal yield stress to output files and read it from and input file during initialization because yield stress may be used by PISM's stress balance model. The stress balance code has to be executed early during an update of the model because its output (ice velocity) is used to compute the maximum allowed time step.

Now that PISM's yield stress models are time-dependent YieldStress::update() will be called after the maximum time step is found. This means that during the first time step basal_material_yield_stress() gets called before update().

Reimplemented from pism::YieldStress.

Reimplemented in pism::OptTillphiYieldStress.

Definition at line 226 of file MohrCoulombYieldStress.cc.

References pism::array::Array::define(), pism::YieldStress::m_basal_yield_stress, m_till_phi, and pism::io::PISM_DOUBLE.

Referenced by pism::OptTillphiYieldStress::define_model_state_impl().