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pism::ocean::PicoPhysics Class Reference

#include <PicoPhysics.hh>

Public Member Functions

 PicoPhysics (const Config &config)
double pressure (double ice_thickness) const
double T_star (double salinity, double temperature, double pressure) const
 See equation A6 and lines before in PICO paper. More...
TocBox1 Toc_box1 (double area, double T_star, double Soc_box0, double Toc_box0) const
double Soc_box1 (double Toc_box0, double Soc_box0, double Toc) const
double Toc (double box_area, double temperature, double T_star, double overturning, double salinity) const
double Soc (double salinity, double temperature, double Toc) const
double theta_pm (double salinity, double pressure) const
double T_pm (double salinity, double pressure) const
double melt_rate (double pm_point, double Toc) const
 equation 8 in the PICO paper. More...
double melt_rate_beckmann_goosse (double pot_pm_point, double Toc) const
 Beckmann & Goosse meltrate. More...
double overturning (double Soc_box0, double Soc, double Toc_box0, double Toc) const
 equation 3 in the PICO paper. See also equation 4. More...
double gamma_T () const
double overturning_coeff () const
double T_dummy () const
double S_dummy () const
double ice_density () const
double continental_shelf_depth () const

Private Member Functions

double p_coeff (double g1, double s1) const

Private Attributes

double m_gamma_T
double m_overturning_coeff
double m_T_dummy
double m_S_dummy
double m_ice_density
double m_continental_shelf_depth
double m_earth_grav
double m_sea_water_density
double m_rho_star
double m_nu
double m_latentHeat
double m_c_p_ocean
double m_alpha
double m_beta
double m_lambda
double m_a_pot
double m_b_pot
double m_c_pot
double m_a_in_situ
double m_b_in_situ
double m_c_in_situ
double m_meltFactor

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