PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model  stable v2.0.6 committed by Constantine Khrulev on 2023-01-23 15:14:38 -0900

◆ softness_paterson_budd()

double pism::rheology::FlowLaw::softness_paterson_budd ( double  T_pa) const

Return the softness parameter A(T) for a given temperature T.

This is not a natural part of all FlowLaw instances.

Definition at line 81 of file FlowLaw.cc.

References m_A_cold, m_A_warm, m_crit_temp, m_ideal_gas_constant, m_Q_cold, and m_Q_warm.

Referenced by pism::rheology::GoldsbyKohlstedt::hardness_impl(), pism::rheology::PatersonBudd::softness_from_temp(), and pism::rheology::GPBLD::softness_impl().