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◆ softness_impl()

double pism::rheology::GPBLD::softness_impl ( double  enthalpy,
double  pressure 
) const

The softness factor in the Glen-Paterson-Budd-Lliboutry-Duval flow law. For constitutive law form.

This is a modification of Glen-Paterson-Budd ice, which is PatersonBudd. In particular, if \(A()\) is the softness factor for PatersonBudd, if \(E\) is the enthalpy, and \(p\) is the pressure then the softness we compute is

\[A = A(T_{pa}(E, p))(1+184\omega).\]

The pressure-melting temperature \(T_{pa}(E, p)\) is computed by pressure_adjusted_temperature().

Implements pism::rheology::FlowLaw.

Definition at line 49 of file GPBLD.cc.

References pism::rheology::FlowLaw::m_EC, m_T_0, m_water_frac_coeff, m_water_frac_observed_limit, pism::array::min(), and pism::rheology::FlowLaw::softness_paterson_budd().