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We have moved (and switched to PETSc 3.2)

As promised in an earlier news item, we have moved source code hosting from to

PISM at 5 years and r2000 on But we are moving!

As of 19 October 2011 we have committed 2000 revisions to PISM in the last five years, for an average of about one commit message per day. We can thank the generous public hosting of PISM at for this, and subversion too.

Successful merge: PISM + PISM-PIK = (much better PISM!)

If you are following the development branch you know that much of the capability developed by Anders Levermann’s group at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is now in PISM. The former PISM-PIK branch of PISM stable0.2 has merged with PISM. This major merge means that PISM is now a joint UAF-PIK project. Both groups are committed to supporting the new capabilities as an open, documented model.

PISM at AGU 2010

If you missed San Francisco in person then you can see some of the talks and posters given by PISM group members. Here’s what happened.

PISM stable0.3 is released

PISM version stable0.3 is available. See the stable version page to check out a copy of the source code. Send email to for help with any version of PISM.