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PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model Documentation

This searchable Browser shows the C++ class (object) structure of PISM, the Parallel Ice Sheet Model. It shows all the classes, inheritance structure, source files, and class members (variables and methods) in the PISM source code. It was automatically generated by doxygen from comments in the PISM source code.

Due to the lack of resources much of the code is not documented, but this browser may still be used to learn about the source code organization in PISM.

Click on "Classes" above to see the full list of classes in this library. Some key classes include:

The "manager" class

The pism::IceModel class manages time-stepping, I/O, initialization, and contains parts of the model that were not modularized yet.

Many aspects of PISM's behavior can be modified by writing a new class derived from pism::IceModel and re-implementing one or more of its methods.

Major sub-models

See these namespaces and classes, as well as the ones derived from these classes. (This is a summary.)

Climatic inputs

Infrastructure (utility) classes

Some important infrastructure concepts and techniques:

Other PISM documentation

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