PISM User’s Manual

Welcome! All information about PISM is online at the home page

Please see the extensive lists of PISM publications and applications at that page.

This User’s Manual gives examples of how to run PISM using publicly-available data for: the whole Greenland ice sheet, the Jakobshavn outlet glacier in Greenland, the Ross ice shelf in Antarctica, and a number of simplified geometry tests. It documents all the PISM’s command-line options and configuration parameters. It summarizes the continuum models used by PISM, and it illustrates how PISM’s numerical approximations are verified.

See the Installation Manual for how to download the PISM source code and install it, along with needed libraries. The Climate Forcing Manual extends this Manual to cover additional couplings to atmosphere and ocean models and data.

Users who want to understand more deeply how PISM is designed, or who want to extend it, will need to go beyond what is described here. See the Source Code Browser, which is online for the latest stable version. It can be generated from source code as described in Rebuilding PISM documentation. It gives a complete view of the class/object structure of the PISM source code.


PISM is an ongoing research project. Ice sheet modeling requires many choices. Please don’t trust the results of PISM or any other ice sheet model without a fair amount of exploration. Also, please don’t expect all your questions to be answered here. Write to us with questions or join the PISM workspace on Slack.


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