Input data

The NetCDF data used to initialize SeaRISE runs is freely-available online.

To download the specific file we want, namely, and preprocess it for PISM, do:

cd examples/std-greenland

The script requires wget and also the NetCDF Operators. It downloads the version 1.1 of the SeaRISE “master” present-day data set, which contains ice thickness and bedrock topography from BEDMAP [143], and modeled precipitation and surface mass balance rates from RACMO [63], among other fields.

In particular, it creates three new NetCDF files which can be read by PISM. The spatially-varying fields, with adjusted metadata, go in The other two new files contain famous time-dependent paleo-climate records from ice and seabed cores: has the GRIP temperature record [8] and has the SPECMAP sea level record [9].

Any of these NetCDF files can be viewed with ncview or other NetCDF visualization tools; see Table 20. An application of IDV to the master data set produced Fig. 1, for example. Use ncdump -h to see the metadata and history of the files.


Fig. 1 The input file contains present-day ice thickness (left; m), bedrock elevation (center; m), and present-day precipitation (right; \(m / year\) ice equivalent) for SeaRISE-Greenland. These are fields thk, topg, and precipitation, respectively, in

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