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pism::IceModel Class Reference

#include <IceModel.hh>

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struct  ThicknessChanges
struct  TimesteppingInfo

Public Member Functions

 IceModel (const IceGrid::Ptr &grid, const std::shared_ptr< Context > &context)
virtual ~IceModel ()
IceGrid::Ptr grid () const
 Return the grid used by this model. More...
std::shared_ptr< Contextctx () const
 Return the context this model is running in. More...
void init ()
 Manage the initialization of the IceModel object. More...
virtual void run ()
virtual void run_to (double run_end)
virtual void save_results ()
 Save model state in NetCDF format. More...
void list_diagnostics () const
void list_diagnostics_json () const
const IceModelVec2Scalving () const
const IceModelVec2Sfrontal_melt () const
const IceModelVec2Sforced_retreat () const
double ice_volume_temperate (double thickness_threshold) const
 Computes the temperate ice volume, in m^3. More...
double ice_volume_cold (double thickness_threshold) const
 Computes the cold ice volume, in m^3. More...
double ice_area_temperate (double thickness_threshold) const
 Computes area of basal ice which is temperate, in m^2. More...
double ice_area_cold (double thickness_threshold) const
 Computes area of basal ice which is cold, in m^2. More...
const stressbalance::StressBalancestress_balance () const
const ocean::OceanModelocean_model () const
const energy::BedThermalUnitbedrock_thermal_model () const
const energy::EnergyModelenergy_balance_model () const
const YieldStressbasal_yield_stress_model () const
const bed::BedDefbed_deformation_model () const
const Geometrygeometry () const
const GeometryEvolutiongeometry_evolution () const
double dt () const

Protected Types

enum  HistoryTreatment { OVERWRITE_HISTORY = 0 , PREPEND_HISTORY }
enum  MappingTreatment { WRITE_MAPPING = 0 , SKIP_MAPPING }

Protected Member Functions

virtual void allocate_submodels ()
 Allocate PISM's sub-models implementing some physical processes. More...
virtual void allocate_stressbalance ()
 Decide which stress balance model to use. More...
virtual void allocate_age_model ()
virtual void allocate_bed_deformation ()
virtual void allocate_bedrock_thermal_unit ()
 Decide which bedrock thermal unit to use. More...
virtual void allocate_energy_model ()
virtual void allocate_subglacial_hydrology ()
 Decide which subglacial hydrology model to use. More...
virtual void allocate_basal_yield_stress ()
 Decide which basal yield stress model to use. More...
virtual void allocate_couplers ()
virtual void allocate_geometry_evolution ()
virtual void allocate_iceberg_remover ()
virtual stressbalance::Inputs stress_balance_inputs ()
virtual energy::Inputs energy_model_inputs ()
virtual YieldStressInputs yield_stress_inputs ()
virtual void time_setup ()
 Initialize time from an input file or command-line options. More...
virtual void model_state_setup ()
 Sets the starting values of model state variables. More...
virtual void misc_setup ()
 Miscellaneous initialization tasks plus tasks that need the fields that can come from regridding. More...
virtual void init_diagnostics ()
virtual void init_calving ()
 Initialize calving mechanisms. More...
virtual void init_frontal_melt ()
virtual void init_front_retreat ()
virtual void prune_diagnostics ()
virtual void update_diagnostics (double dt)
virtual void reset_diagnostics ()
virtual void step (bool do_mass_continuity, bool do_skip)
 The contents of the main PISM time-step. More...
virtual void pre_step_hook ()
 Virtual. Does nothing in IceModel. Derived classes can do more computation in each time step. More...
virtual void post_step_hook ()
 Virtual. Does nothing in IceModel. Derived classes can do more computation in each time step. More...
void reset_counters ()
virtual void bootstrap_2d (const File &input_file)
virtual void process_options ()
virtual std::set< std::string > output_variables (const std::string &keyword)
 Assembles a list of diagnostics corresponding to an output file size. More...
virtual void compute_lat_lon ()
virtual void restart_2d (const File &input_file, unsigned int record)
 Initialize 2D model state fields managed by IceModel from a file (for re-starting). More...
virtual void initialize_2d ()
virtual void save_variables (const File &file, OutputKind kind, const std::set< std::string > &variables, double time, IO_Type default_diagnostics_type=PISM_FLOAT)
virtual void define_model_state (const File &file)
virtual void write_model_state (const File &file)
virtual void write_metadata (const File &file, MappingTreatment mapping_flag, HistoryTreatment history_flag)
 Write time-independent metadata to a file. More...
virtual void write_mapping (const File &file)
virtual void write_run_stats (const File &file)
virtual void define_diagnostics (const File &file, const std::set< std::string > &variables, IO_Type default_type)
virtual void write_diagnostics (const File &file, const std::set< std::string > &variables)
 Writes variables listed in vars to filename, using nctype to write fields stored in dedicated IceModelVecs. More...
virtual void allocate_storage ()
 Allocate all IceModelVecs defined in IceModel. More...
virtual TimesteppingInfo max_timestep (unsigned int counter)
 Use various stability criteria to determine the time step for an evolution run. More...
virtual MaxTimestep max_timestep_diffusivity ()
 Compute the maximum time step allowed by the diffusive SIA. More...
virtual unsigned int skip_counter (double input_dt, double input_dt_diffusivity)
 Compute the skip counter using "long" (usually determined using the CFL stability criterion) and "short" (typically determined using the diffusivity-based stability criterion) time step lengths. More...
virtual void bedrock_thermal_model_step ()
virtual void energy_step ()
 Manage the solution of the energy equation, and related parallel communication. More...
virtual void hydrology_step ()
virtual void combine_basal_melt_rate (const Geometry &geometry, const IceModelVec2S &shelf_base_mass_flux, const IceModelVec2S &grounded_basal_melt_rate, IceModelVec2S &result)
 Combine basal melt rate in grounded and floating areas. More...
void enforce_consistency_of_geometry (ConsistencyFlag flag)
 Update the surface elevation and the flow-type mask when the geometry has changed. More...
virtual void front_retreat_step ()
void compute_geometry_change (const IceModelVec2S &thickness, const IceModelVec2S &Href, const IceModelVec2S &thickness_old, const IceModelVec2S &Href_old, bool add_values, IceModelVec2S &output)
virtual void regrid ()
 Manage regridding based on user options. More...
virtual void update_fracture_density ()
virtual double compute_temperate_base_fraction (double ice_area)
virtual double compute_original_ice_fraction (double ice_volume)
virtual void print_summary (bool tempAndAge)
virtual void print_summary_line (bool printPrototype, bool tempAndAge, double delta_t, double volume, double area, double meltfrac, double max_diffusivity)
 Print a line to stdout which summarizes the state of the modeled ice sheet at the end of the time step. More...
virtual int process_signals ()
 Catch signals -USR1, -USR2 and -TERM. More...
virtual void prepend_history (const std::string &string)
 Get time and user/host name and add it to the given string. More...
virtual void update_run_stats ()
void init_snapshots ()
 Initializes the snapshot-saving mechanism. More...
void write_snapshot ()
 Writes a snapshot of the model state (if necessary) More...
MaxTimestep save_max_timestep (double my_t)
 Computes the maximum time-step we can take and still hit all -save_times. More...
void init_timeseries ()
 Initializes the code writing scalar time-series. More...
void flush_timeseries ()
 Flush scalar time-series. More...
MaxTimestep ts_max_timestep (double my_t)
 Computes the maximum time-step we can take and still hit all -ts_times. More...
void init_extras ()
 Initialize the code saving spatially-variable diagnostic quantities. More...
void write_extras ()
 Write spatially-variable diagnostic quantities. More...
MaxTimestep extras_max_timestep (double my_t)
 Computes the maximum time-step we can take and still hit all -extra_times. More...
void init_backups ()
 Initialize the backup (snapshot-on-wallclock-time) mechanism. More...
void write_backup ()
 Write a backup (i.e. an intermediate result of a run). More...
virtual void update_viewers ()
 Update the runtime graphical viewers. More...
virtual void view_field (const IceModelVec *field)

Protected Attributes

const IceGrid::Ptr m_grid
 Computational grid. More...
const Config::Ptr m_config
 Configuration flags and parameters. More...
const std::shared_ptr< Contextm_ctx
 Execution context. More...
const units::System::Ptr m_sys
 Unit system. More...
const Logger::Ptr m_log
 Logger. More...
const Time::Ptr m_time
 Time manager. More...
const int m_wide_stencil
VariableMetadata m_output_global_attributes
 stores global attributes saved in a PISM output file More...
VariableMetadata m_run_stats
 run statistics More...
std::map< std::string, const Component * > m_submodels
 the list of sub-models, for writing model states and obtaining diagnostics More...
std::unique_ptr< hydrology::Hydrologym_subglacial_hydrology
std::shared_ptr< YieldStressm_basal_yield_stress_model
std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec2Tm_surface_input_for_hydrology
std::shared_ptr< AgeModelm_age_model
std::shared_ptr< calving::IcebergRemoverm_iceberg_remover
std::shared_ptr< calving::FloatKillm_float_kill_calving
std::shared_ptr< calving::CalvingAtThicknessm_thickness_threshold_calving
std::shared_ptr< calving::EigenCalvingm_eigen_calving
std::shared_ptr< calving::HayhurstCalvingm_hayhurst_calving
std::shared_ptr< calving::vonMisesCalvingm_vonmises_calving
std::shared_ptr< PrescribedRetreatm_prescribed_retreat
std::unique_ptr< ScalarForcingm_calving_rate_factor
std::shared_ptr< FrontRetreatm_front_retreat
std::shared_ptr< surface::SurfaceModelm_surface
std::shared_ptr< ocean::OceanModelm_ocean
std::shared_ptr< frontalmelt::FrontalMeltm_frontal_melt
std::shared_ptr< ocean::sea_level::SeaLevelm_sea_level
std::shared_ptr< bed::BedDefm_beddef
Geometry m_geometry
std::unique_ptr< GeometryEvolutionm_geometry_evolution
bool m_new_bed_elevation
IceModelVec2S m_basal_yield_stress
 ghosted More...
IceModelVec2S m_basal_melt_rate
 rate of production of basal meltwater (ice-equivalent); no ghosts More...
IceModelVec2S m_bedtoptemp
 temperature at the top surface of the bedrock thermal layer More...
std::shared_ptr< FractureDensitym_fracture
IceModelVec2Int m_velocity_bc_mask
 mask to determine Dirichlet boundary locations for the sliding velocity More...
IceModelVec2V m_velocity_bc_values
 Dirichlet boundary velocities. More...
IceModelVec2Int m_ice_thickness_bc_mask
 Mask prescribing locations where ice thickness is held constant. More...
double m_dt
 mass continuity time step, s More...
double t_TempAge
 time of last update for enthalpy/temperature More...
double dt_TempAge
 enthalpy/temperature and age time-steps More...
unsigned int m_skip_countdown
std::string m_adaptive_timestep_reason
std::string m_stdout_flags
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec2S > > m_work2d
std::shared_ptr< stressbalance::StressBalancem_stress_balance
ThicknessChanges m_thickness_change
std::set< IceModelVec * > m_model_state
std::map< std::string, Diagnostic::Ptrm_diagnostics
 Requested spatially-variable diagnostics. More...
std::map< std::string, TSDiagnostic::Ptrm_ts_diagnostics
 Requested scalar diagnostics. More...
std::set< std::string > m_output_vars
std::string m_snapshots_filename
bool m_save_snapshots
bool m_snapshots_file_is_ready
bool m_split_snapshots
std::vector< double > m_snapshot_times
std::set< std::string > m_snapshot_vars
unsigned int m_current_snapshot
std::string m_ts_filename
 file to write scalar time-series to More...
std::shared_ptr< std::vector< double > > m_ts_times
 requested times for scalar time-series More...
std::set< std::string > m_ts_vars
bool m_save_extra
bool m_extra_file_is_ready
bool m_split_extra
std::string m_extra_filename
std::vector< double > m_extra_times
unsigned int m_next_extra
double m_last_extra
std::set< std::string > m_extra_vars
VariableMetadata m_extra_bounds
std::unique_ptr< Filem_extra_file
std::string m_backup_filename
double m_last_backup_time
std::set< std::string > m_backup_vars
double m_timestep_hit_multiples_last_time
std::map< std::string, std::vector< std::shared_ptr< petsc::Viewer > > > m_viewers

Static Protected Attributes

static const int m_n_work2d = 3

Private Attributes

VariableMetadata m_timestamp
double m_start_time

Detailed Description

The base class for PISM. Contains all essential variables, parameters, and flags for modelling an ice sheet.

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