PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model
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pism::Context Class Reference

#include <Context.hh>


class  Impl

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< units::SystemUnitsSystemPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< ConfigConfigPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< const ConfigConstConfigPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< EnthalpyConverterEnthalpyConverterPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< TimeTimePtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< const TimeConstTimePtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< LoggerLoggerPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< const LoggerConstLoggerPtr

Public Member Functions

 Context (MPI_Comm c, UnitsSystemPtr sys, ConfigPtr conf, EnthalpyConverterPtr EC, TimePtr t, LoggerPtr log, const std::string &p)
 ~Context ()
MPI_Comm com () const
int size () const
int rank () const
UnitsSystemPtr unit_system () const
ConstConfigPtr config () const
EnthalpyConverterPtr enthalpy_converter () const
ConstTimePtr time () const
const std::string & prefix () const
const Profilingprofiling () const
ConstLoggerPtr log () const
LoggerPtr log ()
ConfigPtr config ()
TimePtr time ()
int pio_iosys_id () const

Private Member Functions

 Context (const Context &other)
Contextoperator= (const Context &)

Private Attributes


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