PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model  stable v2.1-1-g6902d5502 committed by Ed Bueler on 2023-12-20 08:38:27 -0800

◆ update()

void pism::calving::CalvingAtThickness::update ( double  t,
double  dt,
array::Scalar cell_type,
array::Scalar ice_thickness 

Updates ice cover mask and the ice thickness according to the calving rule removing ice at the shelf front that is thinner than a given threshold.

[in]tbeginning of the time step
[in]dtlength of the time step
[in,out]pism_maskice cover mask
[in,out]ice_thicknessice thickness
0 on success

Definition at line 101 of file CalvingAtThickness.cc.

References pism::array::Array2D< T >::copy_from(), pism::array::CellType::floating_ice(), m_calving_threshold, pism::Component::m_grid, m_old_mask, pism::MASK_ICE_FREE_OCEAN, pism::array::CellType1::next_to_ice_free_ocean(), threshold(), and pism::array::Array::update_ghosts().