Installing prerequisites and building PISM on Arch Linux

PISM is registered as a package in the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR). This package will build the latest PISM release and its dependencies. PISM is linked to Open MPI and is installed under /usr.

Installation from the AUR requires an AUR helper such as yay. If you do not already have an AUR helper installed, install yay with the following commands:

git clone
cd git
makepkg -si

You can then install PISM and its dependencies with the following command:

yay -Sy pism

Once installed, the PISM binaries (e.g. pismr, pismv, various Python tools) are available in the PATH and do not require further intervention to work. It is recommended that the installation is manually verified with the instructions in section Quick tests of the installation.


The AUR package for PISM is maintained by Julien Seguinot; please e-mail him with questions about it. His email is: first name two first letters + last name three first letters + at + posteo and then dot + eu.

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