Common build problems and solutions

We recommend using ccmake, the text-based CMake interface to adjust PISM’s build parameters. One can also set CMake cache variables using the -D command-line option (cmake -Dvariable=value) or by editing CMakeCache.txt in the build directory.

Here are some issues we know about.

  • If you are compiling PISM on a system using a cross-compiler, you will need to disable CMake’s tests trying to determine if PETSc is installed properly. To do this, set PETSC_EXECUTABLE_RUNS to “yes” by adding -DPETSC_EXECUTABLE_RUNS=YES to cmake options.

    To tell CMake where to look for libraries for the target system, see CMake cross compiling and the paragraph about CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH in particular.

  • Note that the PISM build system uses ncgen from the NetCDF package to generate the configuration file This means that a working NetCDF installation is required on both the “host” and the “target” systems when cross-compiling PISM.

  • Some systems support static libraries only. To build PISM statically and tell CMake not to try to link to shared libraries, set Pism_LINK_STATICALLY to ON using ccmake.

  • You can set Pism_LOOK_FOR_LIBRARIES to “OFF” to disable all heuristics and set compiler flags by hand. See PISM builds for examples.

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