Installing PISM using Spack

On supercomputers, Linux, and macOS PISM can be installed using the Spack package manager.

Installing PISM using this method is easy: install Spack itself (see Spack documentation) and then run

spack install pism

This will install PISM and all its prerequisites, including PETSc. The default PETSc configuration in its Spack package includes many optional features not used by PISM. You may want to disable these; to do this, use this command instead:

spack install pism ^petsc~metis~hdf5~hypre~superlu-dist


The Spack package for PISM is maintained by Elizabeth Fischer (; please e-mail her with questions about it. General questions about Spack should be sent directly to Spack developers.


With default Spack settings this installation method relies on building most (if not all) of PISM’s prerequisites from sources.

This may take a very long time.

Please see Spack documentation (system packages) for a way to avoid re-building tools and libraries available on your system.

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