MIPs & Collaborations

List of model intercomparisons in which PISM participated

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Model intercomparisons (MIPs)

  • EISMINT (European Ice Sheet Modeling INiTiative) is a past intercomparison effort to test and compare existing numerical shallow ice-sheet, ice-shelf, and glacier models as they were run by several groups worldwide
  • ISMIP (Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project) continues intercomparison, including less-shallow and Stokes models (ISMIP-HOM) and rapid sliding events (ISMIP-HEINO)
  • MISMIP (Marine Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project) is an intercomparison of flowline (one horizontal dimension) marine ice sheet models
  • MISMIP3D is an ice2sea-sponsored intercomparison of marine ice sheet models in two horizontal dimensions
  • MISMIP+ is part of the CliC initiative and examines marine ice-sheet dynamics in two horizontal dimensions with strong buttressing
  • MISOMIP (Marine Ice Sheet–Ocean Model Intercomparison Project) is a community effort under the CliC project, aimed at better quantifying sea-level change induced by increased mass loss from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), particularly the Amundsen Sea region. It is meanwhile in its second stage
  • PLISMIP-ANT (Pliocene Ice Sheet Modeling Intercomparison Project for Antarctica) investigates the nature and behaviour of the Antarctic Ice Sheet during the late-Pliocene warm period
  • ABUMIP (Antarctic BUttressing Model Intercomparison Project)
  • LARMIP (Linear Antarctic Response to basal melting Model Intercomparison Project) applies a linear response theory approach to 16 state-of-the-art ice sheet models to estimate the Antarctic ice sheet contribution from basal ice shelf melting within the 21st century
  • SHMIP (Subglacial Hydrology Model Intercomparison Project) aims to provide a set of benchmark experiments tailored to compare existing and future subglacial hydrologic models
  • initMIP (initial state Model Intercomparison Project), as part of the the CliC project, aims to compare, evaluate, and improve ice sheet model initialization procedures and estimate their impact on century-scale simulations of the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica
  • ISMIP6 (Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6) strives to improve projections of sea level rise via simulations of the evolution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets under a changing climate, along with a quantification of associated uncertainties

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