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pism::DiagAverageRate< M > Class Template Reference

#include <Diagnostic.hh>

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Public Types

enum  InputKind { TOTAL_CHANGE = 0 , RATE = 1 }
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typedef std::shared_ptr< DiagnosticPtr

Public Member Functions

 DiagAverageRate (const M *m, const std::string &name, InputKind kind)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pism::Diag< M >
 Diag (const M *m)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pism::Diagnostic
 Diagnostic (IceGrid::ConstPtr g)
virtual ~Diagnostic ()=default
void update (double dt)
void reset ()
IceModelVec::Ptr compute () const
 Compute a diagnostic quantity and return a pointer to a newly-allocated IceModelVec. More...
unsigned int n_variables () const
 Get the number of NetCDF variables corresponding to a diagnostic quantity. More...
SpatialVariableMetadatametadata (unsigned int N=0)
 Get a metadata object corresponding to variable number N. More...
void define (const File &file, IO_Type default_type) const
void init (const File &input, unsigned int time)
void define_state (const File &output) const
void write_state (const File &output) const

Protected Member Functions

void init_impl (const File &input, unsigned int time)
void define_state_impl (const File &output) const
void write_state_impl (const File &output) const
virtual void update_impl (double dt)
virtual void reset_impl ()
virtual IceModelVec::Ptr compute_impl () const
virtual const IceModelVec2Smodel_input ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from pism::Diagnostic
virtual void define_impl (const File &file, IO_Type default_type) const
 Define NetCDF variables corresponding to a diagnostic quantity. More...
void set_attrs (const std::string &long_name, const std::string &standard_name, const std::string &units, const std::string &glaciological_units, unsigned int N=0)
 A method for setting common variable attributes. More...
double to_internal (double x) const
double to_external (double x) const

Protected Attributes

double m_factor
InputKind m_input_kind
IceModelVec2S m_accumulator
double m_interval_length
VariableMetadata m_time_since_reset
- Protected Attributes inherited from pism::Diag< M >
const M * model
- Protected Attributes inherited from pism::Diagnostic
IceGrid::ConstPtr m_grid
 the grid More...
const units::System::Ptr m_sys
 the unit system More...
const Config::ConstPtr m_config
 Configuration flags and parameters. More...
std::vector< SpatialVariableMetadatam_vars
 metadata corresponding to NetCDF variables More...
double m_fill_value
 fill value (used often enough to justify storing it) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pism::Diagnostic
template<typename T >
static Ptr wrap (const T &input)

Detailed Description

template<class M>
class pism::DiagAverageRate< M >

Report a time-averaged rate of change of a quantity by accumulating changes over several time steps.

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