PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model
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pism::surface::PDDMassBalance Class Reference

A PDD implementation which computes the local mass balance based on an expectation integral. More...

#include <localMassBalance.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 PDDMassBalance (Config::ConstPtr config, units::System::Ptr system)
virtual ~PDDMassBalance ()
virtual unsigned int get_timeseries_length (double dt)
 Compute the number of points for temperature and precipitation time-series. More...
virtual void get_PDDs (double dt_series, const std::vector< double > &S, const std::vector< double > &T, std::vector< double > &PDDs)
 Compute the expected number of positive degree days from the input temperature time-series. More...
void get_snow_accumulation (const std::vector< double > &T, std::vector< double > &precip_rate)
 Extract snow accumulation from mixed (snow and rain) precipitation using the temperature time-series. More...
Changes step (const DegreeDayFactors &ddf, double PDDs, double ice_thickness, double firn_depth, double snow_depth, double accumulation)
 Compute the surface mass balance at a location from the number of positive degree days and the accumulation amount in a time interval. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pism::surface::LocalMassBalance
 LocalMassBalance (Config::ConstPtr config, units::System::Ptr system)
virtual ~LocalMassBalance ()=default
std::string method () const

Protected Member Functions

double CalovGreveIntegrand (double sigma, double TacC)
 Compute the integrand in integral (6) in [CalovGreve05]. More...

Protected Attributes

bool precip_as_snow
 interpret all the precipitation as snow (no rain) More...
bool refreeze_ice_melt
 refreeze melted ice More...
double Tmin
 the temperature below which all precipitation is snow More...
double Tmax
 the temperature above which all precipitation is rain More...
double pdd_threshold_temp
 threshold temperature for the PDD computation More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from pism::surface::LocalMassBalance
std::string m_method
const Config::ConstPtr m_config
const units::System::Ptr m_unit_system
const double m_seconds_per_day

Detailed Description

A PDD implementation which computes the local mass balance based on an expectation integral.

The expected number of positive degree days is computed by an integral in CalovGreve05.

Uses degree day factors which are location-independent.

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