Joint GEUS-PIK workshop October 24-25, 2022

Published: Oct 26, 2022 by The PISM Authors

Group photo in front of GEUS.

Nanna Karlsson and Liam Colgan hosted the first joint GEUS-PIK PISM workshop at GEUS in Copenhagen, DK, October 24-25, 2022.

Ricarda Winkelmann (PIK) introducing the concept of tipping points

Over 15 reseachers from GEUS, PIK, Aarhus University, DMI and UAF attendend the first joint GEUS-PIK PISM workshop at GEUS. The participants presented their latest PISM and PISM-adjacent research interspersed with lively discussions which data sets could be used for model initialization, calibrations and validation, how can we detect tipping points, what are the best practices to initialize PISM, and which physical processes are currently missing. The discussions continued during a visit to the GEUS roof where Nanna showed us the GEUS weather station and during the workshop dinner. Many started dreaming about joining field work in Greenland some day.

We are all already looking forward to the next joint workshop currently planned for October 2023.

Thank you Liam and Nanna for organizing and hosting the workshop.

Group dinner Monday evening


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