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pism::surface::ISMIP6 Class Reference

#include <ISMIP6Climate.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ISMIP6 (IceGrid::ConstPtr g, std::shared_ptr< atmosphere::AtmosphereModel > input)
virtual ~ISMIP6 ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from pism::surface::SurfaceModel
 SurfaceModel (IceGrid::ConstPtr g)
 SurfaceModel (IceGrid::ConstPtr g, std::shared_ptr< SurfaceModel > input)
 SurfaceModel (IceGrid::ConstPtr g, std::shared_ptr< atmosphere::AtmosphereModel > atmosphere)
virtual ~SurfaceModel ()=default
void init (const Geometry &geometry)
void update (const Geometry &geometry, double t, double dt)
const IceModelVec2Saccumulation () const
 Returns accumulation. More...
const IceModelVec2Slayer_mass () const
 Returns mass held in the surface layer. More...
const IceModelVec2Slayer_thickness () const
 Returns thickness of the surface layer. Could be used to compute surface elevation as a sum of elevation of the top surface of the ice and surface layer (firn, etc) thickness. More...
const IceModelVec2Sliquid_water_fraction () const
 Returns the liquid water fraction of the ice at the top ice surface. More...
const IceModelVec2Smass_flux () const
const IceModelVec2Smelt () const
 Returns melt. More...
const IceModelVec2Srunoff () const
 Returns runoff. More...
const IceModelVec2Stemperature () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pism::Component
 Component (IceGrid::ConstPtr g)
virtual ~Component ()=default
DiagnosticList diagnostics () const
TSDiagnosticList ts_diagnostics () const
IceGrid::ConstPtr grid () const
void define_model_state (const File &output) const
 Define model state variables in an output file. More...
void write_model_state (const File &output) const
 Write model state variables to an output file. More...
MaxTimestep max_timestep (double t) const
 Reports the maximum time-step the model can take at time t. More...

Protected Member Functions

void init_impl (const Geometry &geometry)
void update_impl (const Geometry &geometry, double t, double dt)
const IceModelVec2Stemperature_impl () const
const IceModelVec2Smass_flux_impl () const
const IceModelVec2Saccumulation_impl () const
const IceModelVec2Smelt_impl () const
const IceModelVec2Srunoff_impl () const
MaxTimestep max_timestep_impl (double t) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from pism::surface::SurfaceModel
virtual const IceModelVec2Slayer_mass_impl () const
virtual const IceModelVec2Slayer_thickness_impl () const
virtual const IceModelVec2Sliquid_water_fraction_impl () const
virtual void define_model_state_impl (const File &output) const
 The default (empty implementation). More...
virtual void write_model_state_impl (const File &output) const
 The default (empty implementation). More...
virtual DiagnosticList diagnostics_impl () const
virtual TSDiagnosticList ts_diagnostics_impl () const
void dummy_accumulation (const IceModelVec2S &smb, IceModelVec2S &result)
void dummy_melt (const IceModelVec2S &smb, IceModelVec2S &result)
void dummy_runoff (const IceModelVec2S &smb, IceModelVec2S &result)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from pism::Component
virtual void regrid (const std::string &module_name, IceModelVec &variable, RegriddingFlag flag=NO_REGRID_WITHOUT_REGRID_VARS)

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec2Tm_mass_flux_anomaly
std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec2Tm_temperature_anomaly
std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec2Tm_mass_flux_gradient
std::shared_ptr< IceModelVec2Tm_temperature_gradient
IceModelVec2S m_mass_flux_reference
IceModelVec2S m_temperature_reference
IceModelVec2S m_surface_reference
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_mass_flux
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_temperature
- Protected Attributes inherited from pism::surface::SurfaceModel
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_liquid_water_fraction
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_layer_mass
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_layer_thickness
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_accumulation
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_melt
IceModelVec2S::Ptr m_runoff
std::shared_ptr< SurfaceModelm_input_model
std::shared_ptr< atmosphere::AtmosphereModelm_atmosphere
- Protected Attributes inherited from pism::Component
const IceGrid::ConstPtr m_grid
 grid used by this component More...
const Config::ConstPtr m_config
 configuration database used by this component More...
const units::System::Ptr m_sys
 unit system used by this component More...
const Logger::ConstPtr m_log
 logger (for easy access) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from pism::Component
 This flag determines whether a variable is read from the -regrid_file file even if it is not listed among variables in -regrid_vars. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from pism::surface::SurfaceModel
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_layer_mass (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_layer_thickness (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_liquid_water_fraction (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_mass_flux (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_temperature (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_accumulation (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_melt (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)
static IceModelVec2S::Ptr allocate_runoff (IceGrid::ConstPtr grid)

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